Open Sensor Data for Rail 2023

data acquisition platform and overview of sequencesSource: own illustration based on images by DB Netz AG

Project Info

DZSF Digitale Schiene Deutschland FusionSystems

The "Open Sensor Data for Rail 2023" (OSDaR23, 10.57806/9mv146r0) has been created in a joint research project by the German Centre for Rail Traffic Research at the Federal Railway Authority (DZSF), Digitale Schiene Deutschland / DB Netz AG, and FusionSystems GmbH. Research report and Labeling Guide can be obtained from the DZSF website.

The data set consists of 45 sequences of annotated multi-sensor data (color camera, infrared camera, lidar, radar, localization, IMU). Data have been collected on different railway tracks in Hamburg, Germany.

License Info

The "Open Sensor Data for Rail 2023" (OSDaR23, 10.57806/9mv146r0) is published by the German Centre for Rail Traffic Research at the Federal Railway Authority (DZSF). Annotation data (file type .json) are published under CC0 1.0. Sensor data (file types .png, .pcd, and .csv) are published under CC BY-SA 3.0 de.

Further Info

The data set can be used in Python with the RailLabel package published by DB Netz AG.

The data set can be viewed, for example, with the WebLabel Player published by Vicomtech Research Foundation. (Disclaimer: Vicomtech was not part of the research project and there are currently no further relationships between DZSF and Vicomtech.)



Number of Multisensor-Frames: 1534

Statistic of annotation objects:

object class        number of annotations
------------------  ---------------------
person                             73 421
crowd                               1 352
train                               8 290
wagons                                110
bicycle                             1 779
group of bicycles                     644
motorcycle                             14
road vehicle                       12 669
animal                              3 288
group of animals                        0
wheelchair                              0
drag shoe                              79
track                              18 543
transition                            636
switch                              2 947
catenary pole                      27 706
signal pole                        14 374
signal                             32 790
signal bridge                         312
buffer stop                         4 539
flame                                 410
smoke                                 188
------------------  ---------------------
total                             204 091

Daten und Ressourcen

Roman Tilly , Philipp Neumaier , Karsten Schwalbe , Pavel Klasek , Rustam Tagiew , Patrick Denzler , Tobias Klockau , Martin Boekhoff , Martin Köppel , (2023). Open Sensor Data for Rail 2023 [Data set]. TIB.

Retrieved: 09:59 24 Jun 2024 (UTC)

Zusätzliche Informationen

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Autor 1 Roman Tilly
Autor 2 Philipp Neumaier
Autor 3 Karsten Schwalbe
Autor 4 Pavel Klasek
Autor 5 Rustam Tagiew
Autor 6 Patrick Denzler
Autor 7 Tobias Klockau
Autor 8 Martin Boekhoff
Autor 9 Martin Köppel
Verantwortlicher Roman Tilly
Version 1.2.0
Zuletzt aktualisiert Dezember 7, 2023, 09:09 (UTC)
Erstellt Januar 1, 2022, 11:51 (UTC)
DOI 10.57806/9mv146r0